Oh, Hi There!

I'm Haylee and here's a little story behind Shrimp

Why named after the rodents of the ocean you ask?

Much inspired by a highschool nickname that soon stuck, Shrimp Creative goes a little deeper (see what we did there? Sea reference, because of Shrimp?;). 

Shrimp Creative is a quirky, upbeat agency who much like shrimp, are able to adapt to many situations enabling us to get into the mind of a particular brand in order to achieve what is best for them. And while shrimp play an important part in the food chain (yes, they get eaten first), without them, there won’t be any other big, happy and healthy sea life in the world… which would totally suck right? Same works for advertising, without the little Shrimpies working hard to feed your brand with the correct design and marketing, there is no room for growth!

"every great design begins with an even better story."


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