A ‘Spring’ in my step!


I am currently sitting with my coffee and eating my little slice of lemon poppy seed cake, because what’s a Friday without cake?? * Small confession… I’ve actually had cake all week and it’s been fab #NoRegrets!*
So, I know I didn’t post about August… in August – some might say I’m slacking – but I decided to combine the past two months just because.

It feels like August was a lifetime ago but it was a definitely a special month! Women’s Month felt a bit of a different this year as we seemed to support each other a little extra than usual and it most certainly didn’t go unnoticed! Women’s Day especially! With our annual Women’s Day race being virtual this year, we decided to walk along the promenade and almost every lady we went past always made you feel noticed and special as they start clapping and cheering each other on.

These whole virtual races thing is a strange concept to get used to but it’s actually been nice… I mean hello… I did the flippen comrades!! A bucket list achievement in 5km’s! When in the world would you have ever thought that could happen!?

September on the other hand has actually been appreciated chaos in a sense! I finally got a small chance to get out of Ballito for a few days to have a bit of a refresh and gain some creative inspiration which was wonderful. However, over the past 6 months, I haven’t had anyone calling and wanting to have meetings. And Murphy’s Law… the second I step out of the office for a bit, the phone didn’t stop! Don’t get me wrong – I loved it! But what are the chances??

I recon I need to go away more often. 😉

Work wise these past two months have been great! With the official launch of our new creative partnership with The Knox Box and some really fun, new projects and clients on board.

I am so so grateful and have 0 complaints!

It’s always so exciting working on something new, getting to know new clients, getting to understand new industries and getting to grow new brands!
I seriously can’t wait to share them all with you.

October is going to be a busy one and I have a good feeling about it all! Life is slowly coming back to normal and we can now go for a coffee or lunch and not feel like we breaking one of the world’s most forbidden laws! It’s great and we got so much to look forward too!

Keep the positive vibes flowing and let’s tackle this new month!