Social Media Pro’s #1


There are billions of people who have access to social media, making it the perfect stepping stone to kick starting your brand!
It’s pretty well known that social media is free to all users who have internet access.

I’m not going to lie – little me (who knows how many years ago) was also pretty shocked and found myself wondering ‘what’s the catch!?’

But it’s true!
All you need is some kind of device, phones, tablets, laptops, etc, a semi-decent internet connection and you’re good to go.

This is why it is point #1 of why social media is one of, if not the most, common forms of advertising!

Since social media access is free to all users your brand can:

  1. Set up an online presence at no cost and 
  2. Use this presence to communicate with thousands, potentially millions, of possible and current clients/customers.
Yes, it’s not exactly a full functioning website, but it’s an online presence which in my opinion, is a fundamental in business management now days and here’s why:
  1. When people are looking for info, whether it be a product they need, your company contact details or just some ideas, the first place they go is the internet.
  2. It is here (that if managed & run correctly) your brand can pop up and has the ability to self advertise for you. That is why it is essential to have your brand present and attractive online.

Now the thing is, it’s pretty easy to set up your account, however, you need to keep it active. Yes, it runs 24/7 for you (allowing you to advertise worldwide – in all time zones, might I add) and you don’t need to be sitting watching it all day, but you do need to pay it some attention.

This means actually engaging with your followers by posting updates, pictures & pretty much anything important or of interest to them. Not only does this improve your rankings as google notices it as an active page, but it also give users the impression that the brand is present and engaging with their clients – always ready to help and provide excellent customer service.

A really attractive quality to have in business these days!

Of course, social media can also share some of the ‘bad stuff’ too, but this is why it is up to you to share content that is beneficial and encouraging to users to not only increase your following and reach but to keep users inspired, interested and engaged.

There are billions of people who have access to social media and this is the perfect stepping stone to kick starting your brand!

Whether it’s a new business needing some attention or an established business that needs to be kept current – I highly suggest social media as the first step to take.

I know for some, the whole concept sounds rather overwhelming, but surprise surprise, you get people who can do it all for you! (Cue dramatic walk in from me – I’m just kidding)

But on a more serious note – if you are looking to get online and need a little advice or even need someone to do the whole thing for you, please feel free to give me a call! I am more than willing to help and share some advice!

So get online, get present and get going!

Interested in getting your social media pages to where they need to be?