Social Media Pro’s #2


Social media has endless opportunities for your brand. Opportunities that are right at your fingertips designed to help your brand succeed.
As long as you have Internet, you can access social media!
This means that pretty much any and everyone has the ability to access to some form of social media, subsequently giving your brand a massive amount of exposure… if handled correctly!

Following our previous point of Social Media being FREE, it then get’s supported by the point that all you need to have, is access to the internet

In todays age, internet has pretty much become an essential! We kind of feel lost if we don’t have some sort of internet connection as so much suddenly becomes unavailable to us. So with that being said, there are many places that offer wifi and internet access so there’s always the availability of an online connection in some way or another.

Social media platforms are set up to be incredibly user friendly – well at least the basics of it.
It might seem a little daunting at first but you’ll get the hang of it in minutes!

I mean my grannies and grandpa even have it, and let me tell you something, they pretty clued up and snazzy on it too.

So how does this benefit your brand?
Well it’s pretty straight forward – because of the user friendliness and ‘freeness’ of social media – there are millions, if not billions, of users that have the potential to see your brand. 

As easy as it is for a personal page to be set up, the same goes for a business page. Yes there are a few small differences, but overall, it’s the same concept and therefore, in my opinion, the easiest and quickest form of advertising and creating a presence online.

I’m sure you’ll see that before any websites and print advertising, the first thing a brand does is get online – reason being that that is the first place users go to search for products and services of course.

I like to think of a social media presence as a stepping stone to growing your brand.

It becomes a place of advertising where you can showcase your brand and slowly increase your following. It is where users can relate to your brand.

They can see the everyday happenings, get a feel for the brand as well as a better idea of your brands personality. It is where you form a real time relationship with your followers – something that is a bit harder to achieve through your website and print media.

There is just something more direct and personal when it is frequent posting from the brand itself. Whether it’s a new product, some images of what you getting up to at the company or even just a enjoyable quote.

Another reason for social media being a stepping stone is that it is a quick way to get your brand generating awareness and buys you a little bit of time to get your other marketing ‘platforms’ into place.

As previously stated, social media is most commonly the first thing a company sets up to start creating awareness for themselves as well as building an online presence. Once that is done, it can then, for example, be left to do its thing while you can now focus on the next step of creating an online presence via building an efficient and well structured website.

A website is also something I would highly recommend as it becomes an information hub for your brand. Users can access everything they would like to know in one place as well as see a portfolio of what you have to offer. It is however, not 100% essential, and you can get away with a well-run social media page.

Once again reiterating the importance of social media.

Overall, social media has endless opportunities for your brand – opportunities that are right at your fingertips designed to help your brand succeed.

These are just some of the basic reasons why social media is a key marketing tool – so stay posted as we get into some more detailed specifics in the coming weeks. 

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