Social Media Pro’s #4


So now that we’ve figured out ‘how’ to use social media platforms for business advertising, the next question many business owners wonder is ‘how the heck do I find the time to make regular posts’!?

Now there’s two answers to solve the above dilemma:

  1. Social media managers who can completely run your social media for you. 
  2. And today’s topic  scheduling.

It’s all fair and well having your social media page up and running but it is just as essential to keep it active & current, however in today’s busy lives, sometimes we feel like we never really the have chance to just sit down once a week to put some thought into our pages and post some good, relevant content.

‘People’ are aware of this problem that many users tend to face and have developed programs centered around Social Media posting to try and make it as convenient as possible.

These programs are referred to as scheduling platforms and their sole purpose is to help you plan posts for various social media platforms in advance where you can set them up to be automatically released at the time and date you have specified.

Don’t get me wrong, it obviously still requires some time from you to actually sit down and schedule all these posts, but you can dedicate one day at the beginning of the month to have a think about your social media, what you would like to share & achieve and then develop and schedule some content for the month.

Once that is done, your whole month is sorted!

Not to mention that your posts can continue running whilst you are on leave, out of signal or even on public holidays. #Bonus

There may of course be some pop up content that you might want to post (something we refer to as ad hoc posts) which you can post as and when you need to – but for the most part, you will at least be prepared and ready for the month, carrying on stress-free, knowing that your online marketing is doing it’s thing and sort of running itself.

Forward thinking and planning is essential in marketing and advertising.

It’s always best to try be as prepared as possible because you never truly know what might come up that will take your attention away from other tasks.
Scheduling platforms are here to assist with this to ensure your page never becomes dormant and looses is credibility.

Scheduling platforms are all linked directly to your social media accounts which make it super easy and pretty straight forward to set up. Some even have social media platforms (such as Facebook & Instagram) paired up so you can set up the post once and set it to get sent to both pages at the same time. Snazzy right!?

There are so many platforms out there that you can use.

Some might be free (eg. Facebooks allows you to schedule directly via publishing tools) and others might have a monthly cost involved – especially if you are linking more than one social media platform.
However, it isn’t too bad for all the benefits, and in my opinion – totally worth it.

Social media is there to help you and your business – not to generate stress & pressure when it comes to advertising.

So when considering setting up a social media presence – there’s no doubt it’s something you should do.
Keep an open mind, don’t overwhelm yourself and just know that everything is 100% manageable.

And if you do feel like you ever have any uncertainties or need some questions answered – you are welcome to pop me a mail below and I’d be more than willing to assist.

Now with that being said, enjoy your long weekend – especially since all your Human Rights Day posts are already set up and going out on scheduling platforms 😉

Interested in getting your social media pages to where they need to be?